Previous Declarative Statement About Myself (Creation of the Blog)

Now is where it gets deep (like a sink)… First off my name is Nick Rees and I’m a Journalism student at Ohio University. I hail from a small, and I mean small, town near Rochester, NY. Second this blog was through Thread Magazine, and yes that is actually a fashion magazine (don’t sound so surprised). I feel the need to state that I’m a virgin in the blogging department, so bear with me.

Here is where I get conceited, I know I’m attractive. Now don’t let that deter you from reading on, because I’m actually only responding this way out of pure humor, but seriously I am hot.

Picture a sexy man walking down the street:

  1. a good strut
  2. fresh & fashionable clothes
  3. hair did

You find your head swiveling backwards…. But why (you may ask)? To see those sick kicks he’s sporting, and to give him a once over right? Yes, this example is talking about me…. but I’m extremely humble (I promise)! I dress well and I’m not ashamed of that. Do I have any fashion knowledge? The simple answer is no. Yet, I know what I look good in, and seem to function pretty well. I’m proud to be a well-dressed male!

If there’s any taboo I’m going to try to rip apart with my blog it is the falsity that every good-looking guy who doesn’t dress like a homeless person is somehow narcissistic or god forbid not into women. This is just not the case at all. If you learn something from what I’ve written, don’t be afraid to apply these groundbreaking concepts.


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