Basic and Risky Eccentricity

To start our day off with an over-dramatic and attention seeking thought… I would like all of you out there to understand I was on death’s door yesterday. Got your attention didn’t I?!

Before I commence story time, turn this on:

Now, like I said beforehand, I’m being overdramatic. Allow me to clarify that once again for the cheap seats.

Anyhow, yesterday I spent the ENTIRE day cemented to my bed praying for it all to end. My coughing had reached an incessant extreme, the Dayquil had decided it had better things to do than repair my lungs and my head felt too heavy to remain atop my neck. Suffice to say sweatpants (which I hate) were on my legs and the O.C. was blaring from my television. Is there any other method of recovery worth mentioning?


Well as per usual I contracted some heinous disease that wanted to eat me alive, but I wouldn’t let it! So Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 2.50.02 PMhere we all are ready for the fashion nonsense that keeps us young and looking forward to tomorrow.

Oh, and I definitely scored a brand new Man of the Week, because after all- I did promise.

To get the ball out of the gutter, I’m going to take a leaf out of our Man of the Week’s book with trends and style. I did select him for a reason…

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 2.50.35 PMNow, we’ve never discussed the good things in life, tattoos and hair. I must include a disclaimer right here, right now: Not all of us are born with good hair. Believe me, I didn’t fall in this category but some did.

Hair is crucial to a well-dressed male, simple as that. The disheveled, fresh-out-of-bed look does work for some, but others need to wash their hair or else suffer the greasy consequences. And by grease, I refer to that slick shine that is au natural and plain nasty.

In terms of the hairstyles creating waves over the shore of men’s fashion, we have the euro cut and the pomp. For those without eyeballs, or unfamiliar with the names I used, the pomp is closely shaved sides with lengthy hair on top combed backward to create a pomp in the front. This style is reserved for those who can grow their thick hair to a certain length. I’d be the first to admit that this style will never be kosher with my hair (win some, lose some).Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 2.49.26 PM

For those in need of a pop culture reference, Macklemore enjoys this hairstyle as does actor Michael Pitt.

The euro cut  is extremely similar and more friendly to those with thinner hair, especially when volume boosting shampoo just doesn’t cut it. It too involves closely shaved sides but allows the top to be loosely interpreted. It can be long or short, messy or more controlled. The front is normally brushed to one side to allow a side part of some sort. There is something extremely sophisticated about a side part, yes?

Hair is fun and all but if we want to get into the real fun, let’s look at TATTOOS!! AHHH!! My favorite, because there is honestly nothing hotter than tattoos (sorry for my outburst, but come on)!Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 2.51.20 PM

Tattoos over time have become more mainstream and acceptable, although hand tattoos in the workplace are still deemed unacceptable. These babies are THE mode of self-expression and will always be fashionable as long as you don’t bear a literal cross. I’m sorry if you’re religious, but a full back tattoo of a cross is the worst idea in the world, also animals are silly. Do NOT get a unicorn on your ass, please!

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 2.50.14 PMI’m all for a few strategically placed tats to liven up your skin. I for one am in desperate need of one, but have yet to find deep meaning in anything, let alone a tattoo!! So please, for the love of god, think about your tattoo for a good long while before inking it upon your skin. Skin is forever as they say, and removal is a pricey option that should be avoided like the plague. Also, stay away from names being inked, you might be in love right now, but tomorrow might be a different story….

So leading into our Man of the Week, tattoos and hair will seem apt trends to discuss since he has both. Obviously hair is ubiquitous, but his is of the trendy variety! Plus note the black eye, now that’s a dude right there…._DSC0633

Adam Senecal is a senior Retail and Fashion Product Development major with aspirations of operating his own clothing based business along the West Coast. A non-conformist rule breaker, Adam needs wide open spaces to make his own decisions and mistakes.

_DSC0516A lover of skinny jeans since their debut into men’s fashion, Adam is an avid follower of fashion found in the Associated Press. He leans toward the hipster apparel but has some bold clothing that eliminates the need for endless flannels and smelly thrift shop purchases.

A participant in No Shave November, facial hair may be the only main difference between Adam’s high school appearance and the guy that sits in front of me. Taking pride in the beard he is currently growing, Adam is a pop culture addict; never have I met a man as interested in trends as I am. That’s a huge compliment, just so you know.

Describing his style as the sweet spot between risk and conservative, his clothing presents a sophistication and level of control. And the shoes this man has are purely amazing. This eccentric and easy going man has transformed from the emo kid with snakebites to a full-fledged man dressed in stylish pieces few on campus could duplicate.

_DSC0539Always focused on the next big thing to pop up in the music realm, Adam takes many cues from bands including his style icons Kings of Leon, Leo Dicaprio, and David Beckham. If he could afford to wear custom-fitted suits every day there would be no question of his wardrobe.

Currently working on a business plan nearing completion for a company named Honesty Apparel, Adam is looking toward the future trying to make a place for himself. Looking at texture more so than design in tees, Adam is a casual comedian nearing the end of college._DSC0550

The future remains a coin toss away, but the optimism Adam uses is infectious. When he gets a company off the ground, there’s no doubt I would be a frequent shopper.  I honestly can’t wait to see what happens._DSC0535

That’s all for today folks. Look forward to next week and a whole new opportunity to change your life!! I’ll be over here obsessively staring at magazines.

Thank you to Jess Woods who took the gorgeous pictures above, and is hands-down one of the greatest photographers I’ve had the opportunity to work with. And thanks to Adam Senecal for allowing me to exploit his life… it’s all in the name of fashion, I swear.

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