Halloween, The Hangover of Fall

In my honest and always blunt opinion, this will be the briefest post I will ever write. Some of you might be sighing in relief… Since I tend to write long-winded nonsense.

I like to be straight up whenever possible, so in an effort to share my life with you, I need to SHARE my life!!

My mind, body and soul are hungover. I’m officially on a mental retreat of oversleeping and overthinking.

Damn, that’s heavy. It all started on Friday, the beginning of the end…

Cue the music that we all desperately need:

The entire weekend was a verified mess and a half, and I was amongst the messiest-dressed in booty shorts and long ears.

Ohio University’s HallOUween destroyed my soul, I think. Waking up to a trashed apartment and eyeliner still ringing my eyes, I realized I would need a soul iPhoto Oct 29, 5 17 35 PMntervention.

I classily dressed myself as a sex-ified Bassett hound. Don’t laugh, I looked really good!! I swear, I got compliments šŸ˜‰

Remember, Halloween truly is the one time a year when girls and boys can dress like complete sluts, and no one can say anything (thanks Mean Girls, you’re the greatest).

Anyways that night is one of urban legend (as in do NOT repeat)… Dancing on chairs, seducing people already taken and casually misbehaving with the best. It Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 4.43.58 PMwas only fair that I spill on my costume and rip patches off in a frenzy to get out of my skimpy outfit.

In response to my lack of sense, I’ve been sleeping my days away, cleansing what stands in for my soul with Sex and the City marathons (I’m a Carrie, if you couldn’t tell from my neurotic banter), and binge eating. Oh wait, I have gone to the gym… (I lie sometimes).

Oh and if my brain wasn’t aching enough, my wallet is also throbbing… My car got towed and my Mac battery has thrown in the towel. Told you it’s been a rough week, Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 4.45.45 PMand yes it’s only Tuesday. But I’m feeling optimistic, something’s gotta give!!

So in an attempt to bring this back to what’s important, fashion. I’m going to throw a few trends at your head and call it a day šŸ˜‰

First let’s approach the blue and brown trend! Have you heard about this?! If not get the hell on it! If you weren’t already aware, brown and blue complement each other to a whole other level. This is completely different from black and blue which should be avoided (unless you’re going modern and striped).

I might be referring to an incredible brown pair of boots with blue jeans or a sheerScreen shot 2013-10-29 at 4.06.40 PM lightly-striped blue suit paired with an incredible pair of dark brown wingtips. You can be the judge but one can never go wrong with this combo. I am honest to god wearing it right now, am I fashionable or what?! That was a joke, because the answer is yes. Obviously.

One more thing that has caught my wallet’s attention areĀ vests. No, not your grandfather’s argyle sweater-vest but the plush and fluffy sheer vests. Let’s not forget about the quilted babiesĀ that work over any form of shirt or even a jacket. It’s the perfect way to add a little spice to a boring get-up. Think chai being added to a latte. Obviously we all love that!!

A vest can be added for a bold pop of color, or some insulation against the chill that wants to freeze us all to death. It can also serve as step before the dreaded ski jacket makes an appearance. It has no business off the slopes.Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 4.11.33 PM

These super stylish vests can even be matched with sweatpants, although I don’t agree with sweatpants. I apologize, but it’s a deep seated dislike that took hold after I wore wind-pants every day for a year… when I was 8. Those ratchet things can stay away from me, but I’m sure you look great in them!! <-Ā SarcasmScreen shot 2013-10-29 at 4.05.10 PM

Once again I apologize for the absence of an interview and photo shoot. I can’t say it enough, but this weekend kicked, flipped and handled me. I was wholly unprepared and am still in the mental infirmary. BUT I promise, cross my heart hope to die, that a Man of the Week is coming down the chute.

As always, stay trashier than hell and check back in every Tuesday! Photos poached from my TumbLr and follow me on all the necessary social media crap: Twitter – @rees_uncensored, Instagram – @reesuncensored


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