Bold Statements of Confidence

This past Saturday afternoon I experienced what could only be called elation, joy or overwhelming happiness. No, I’m actually not being overdramatic right now. I know what true happiness is… Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 1.17.56 AM

The answer to that paradigm was coming home, slightly hungover, ready to devour a chair, hoping to sleep the day away and finding the November issues of Vogue and GQ in your mailbox!! Yes that’s right!! THEY’RE HERE!!

Now I must admit up front that I did in fact dig into the Vogue first. Don’t get judgmental just yet, I had my reasons.

The main one: KATE (frickin’) WINSLET (on the cover)! Sorry Fassbender, Kate has held my heart hostage since Titanic, Little Children, The Reader (well I guess every Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 1.31.02 AMsingle one of her films…), so I HAD to read the piece on her.

Then I got caught up in the glitz, glamour and absolutely gorgeous black hole that is Vogue. I was sucked in, and had to browse my way through each and every page. I refuse to apologize for absolutely anything. The greatest part of being an adult is scoring magazine subscriptions and knowing that pure joy, wrapped in plastic, is on its way to your doorstep. 😉

So after my lengthy tangent about the magazines that hopefully will employ me one day (yes, those ARE high aspirations. What of it?), I’m getting to the damn meat and potatoes of what we’re all gathered here for… the knowledge I absorbed from my foray into beauty and Conde Nast.

In the name of beauty my song of the week belongs to Lady Gaga and her deliciously fresh single “Do What You Want”! Don’t mind the amazing shot of her butt as the single’s cover art. Forgive me, I just admire her so 🙂

First off get extremely excited for another Woman of the Week and a trip into the trends that are coming your way momentarily! Fall is by far the best season, and you’ll know why soon enough 😉

I honestly keep Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 1.35.34 AMpraying for the nice crisp fall weather that should accompany October, but lately my prayers are not being answered! We are dealing with some seriously bipolar nonsense. There’s no harder place to be than caught between a tank and a leather jacket. But seriously.

In hoping to move Mother Nature’s ass along, I’m actually digging into fall, hard.

Black is absolutely the new black. This babe is back with a Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 1.27.12 AMfighting fury, not that she ever left. It’s just that now everyone is gripping onto her. She’s the one we all want when the pavement freezes and the leaves drop. We want her and we want her now.

Saint Laurent, DKNY even Chanel are bringing the black out in fall force. Even though winter is known for the bleaker of colors, black is THE standard. If you’re going black, throw in a statement piece. I know I keep coming back to the statement pieces, but our new Woman of the Week opened my eyes to the possibility of jackets being your statement!

With statement pieces it’s inevitable that scarves come to play! I’ve been walking the streets right alongside you and I’ve taken notice. Printed scarves are ALL the way in, and color blocked is a thing! The jackets and scarves are exactly where it’s at. Think NYC style paired with the perfect scarf and you might be looking at our gorgeous Woman of the Week.

I’m pleased to introduce one of the most bold and confident women I’ve had the pleasure to meet.dempsey_004

Dempsey Murphy is a junior majoring in Visual Communications focused on info-graphics and publication design. This online shopping addict has been purchasing her way through ASOS while simultaneously amazing all who meet her with bold and uninhibited confidence.

dempsey_001I’m referring to both her personality and fashion sense. A lover of fall, since black and leather are always present in her wardrobe, Dempsey is the definition of New York state of mind. Easily joking while casually striking poses, this queen is in charge of her style and self.

After experiencing the inner-workings of a record label through her boyfriend’s summer internship, she now has her eye set on designing album covers. Though initially interested in branding everyday products through advertisement, Dempsey compared the art of album cover design to finding the perfect combo and representation of an artist. Using Lil’ Wayne’s hollowed red butterfly cover of “I Am Not a Human Being II” as an example, she realized the capacity of a cover to convey a certain message.dempsey_014

With black and deeply hued pieces, Dempsey would certainly be a good fit for the mean streets of New York, specifically the neighborhood of Chelsea. Her desire to inspire with design illuminates another side of Dempsey and perhaps defines her love for statement pieces and bold fashion choices.

The core difference between her teen years and now is simply her openness to new trends, styles and most importantly stores. When she told me the best pieces are not always the most expensive, my eyes teared up. This girl knows what she’s talking about.

A hoarder of cardigans may be an understatement, but these aren’t just your everyday cardigan. I had the dempsey_006privilege to wear a tribal print one and let me tell you… comfortable! All I’m saying.

Depending on combat boots throughout the Fall and Winter, Dempsey tends to make her statements with graphics, prints and eye-catching patterns. Tops are generally her statement. Given a fat wallet, Chanel would populate her closet at all times. Styled in a simple yet bold fashion, Dempsey’s confidence makes her clothing selections worth admiring.

Praising Rachel Zoe and Kim K as her style icons, Dempsey admires obviously the supreme style each has, but it’s more than that. These women represent successful and stylish individuals with an aura of status and esteem.

If you haven’t met Dempsey yet, I am positive you will!! This woman about town knows more people than I could ever hope to. With a killer sense of humor, joking manner and ability to charm the crap out of everyone, I hope you meet her! I can’t wait to go out with this babe again- never a dull moment when hanging with Dempsey.

Now please admire these disgustingly beautiful pictures snapped by Steven Drakulich!! Oh and my usual TumbLr nonsense is ever present….dempsey_009

For more trash, trends and style profiles check back in every Tuesday for the inspiration to be the best dressed babe you can be! I gotta go devour my new GQ now… onto the next obsession.

For more intriguing crap follow me: Instagram – @reesuncensored, Twitter – @rees_uncensored


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