Untamed Contradiction of Structure


No seriously, everything. Well actually not really. I’m being extremely overdramatic because sometimes you gotta. Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 9.17.15 AM

I’m just rescinding my previous statements about the weather getting chillier, since my wardrobe still hasn’t made the transition from carefree summer duds to the simpler more sophisticated style of fall. As per usual, Ohio has decided that fall might not be real. We are stuck in this tumble dry cycle of crisp mornings followed by sweltering afternoons.

Although the fashion elite never stop bringing their “A” game, so I’m taking you back to school on incorporating a few final warm trends.

Oh… one exception: THIS ONE IS FOR THE LADIES!!

Now turn on this song and FINALLY experience what happens when the ladies take over town.

Now I’m really going to have some fun, so carefully follow along, because contrary to what you may think… women’s fashion isn’t totally foreign to me. Did you like that joke? You know, since I went to London and flew my little self around Europe… ok, clearly you didn’t wake up and smell the espresso beans!!Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 10.51.46 AM

Two words. Crop. Top. 

To some this may seem a weird concept but for the love of all things fashionably forward YOU NEED TO HAVE ONE! I understand that some don’t have the confidence to rock this smaller than small top, but do it! The crop top was THE statement piece of the spring and summer.

But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to wear it. I recommend the leather crop top since that baby is a bit warmer, and if paired with bright leggings or fall-toned skinnies can make the perfect impression.

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 9.33.00 AMApproaching the subject of bright leggings, we’re going to slow up a bit. Not due to apprehension, but simply because many chicks don’t know how to pick the ones best suited for them. Every pair of leggings isn’t the best choice. Think wild, but also “what would I wear these with?”

I understand (more than most) the concept of power clashing, but ladies, sometimes it’s a bit too much! I’m digging prints on the leggings or a great pattern (i.e. tribal, tropical, animal, etc.). Find the ones that compliment you and your style, not establish it. Do you catch my drift? Smell what I’m smoking?Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 9.18.02 AM

Oh and for those of us who lived vicariously through the escapades of the Upper West Side when Gossip Girl reigned on television, in the words of Blair Waldorf, “tights are not pants. Honestly.” DON’T WEAR TIGHTS AS PANTS! Tights are thinner and not suitable to hide your private parts from the prying public… put on leggings! Or the very stylish cropped leggings, whatever you may be feeling…

And I can’t say this enough!! COVER YOUR BASICS! This includes ladies too. Get those basic colors purchased to ground an outfit from floating into the galaxy where it rightfully belongs. Black and white NEED to be in your closet, no excuses!Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 9.35.24 AM

Speaking to Up Against the Trash’s FIRST (Wo)man of the Week, I discovered that one of the most important trends of the last couple years hasn’t been analyzed! I am a psychiatrist of style, so clearly we must assess it right away.

Monochromatic is a MUST. There is something completely crisp about the perfect pairing of black and white. Sometimes an outfit can be based solely in black and white, THEN include a bright shoe selection or accessory. Monochromatic style is should always have a place in your arsenal, male or female.

In true Gossip Girl fashion, I’m sending out a blast on the FIRST (Wo)man of the Week! Here she is folks, let’s hope she can handle the attention 😉20131014_3038

Meghan Shamblen is a junior majoring in commercial photography with a sense of style sending waves of envy over all in her path. There is definitely something about photography majors that develops their style, because I must say hers is on point!

A walking contradiction, her style hits manic highs and lows. Her self-proclaimed bi-polar reaction to people and fashion presents a contradiction worth consideration. Whether in your face or serious, Meghan is completely in control of the ebbs and flows.

20131014_3061Aspiring to photograph, perhaps in a fashion focused setting, she can note that the places she has called home offer little toward personal and style growth. Although returning to Europe isn’t entirely off the table 😉

Having developed a defined personal style in high school, there’s been nowhere to go but up! Complimented for clothing bought at Good Will, the joke is really on those who buy the same at Urban. She simply aimed to not wear what every other Joe and Jane was sporting, and Meghan definitely pulled that off!  She’s another thrift shopper capable of spotting must-buys while I stand in between the aisles lost and bewildered. That skill is one I WANT!

Bearing the heavy load of owning too much clothing that demands to be hand-washed, she feels the struggle of purchasing fashion. It does, after all, come with more than one price. Obsessed with everything Alexander McQueen, the fashion pouring out of his design house would wind up in her dressers if only cost wasn’t a thing.20131014_3013

Fluctuating between monochromatic, grunge, structured-girly and wild patterns, Meghan’s style is fluid in the best sense. Praising her study abroad experience in London with inspiring a larger interest in fashion, Meghan describes her personal style as tomboy chic, or more aptly man-repeller.

Whether confused by the absurdity of her wolf tee or Union Jack Doc Martens, her clothing just works! 20131014_3030Admitting that fall colors (i.e. olive green, burnt orange, oxblood) are MIA from her closet, she understands the fluidity of spring and fall fashion. In contrast to the pastels of the beginning months, the deeper and richer hues of Fall could be worn at any point.

This contradiction of wild swirled into structure might just end up shooting for Nylon or Vogue while trolling the streets of NYC, simultaneously confusing and attracting the men walking back. Only one thing is certain, the confidence, strut and style will be all her own.

Get trashy EVERY Tuesday when I post the latest in trends, photos and intriguing interviews! Keep coming back baby!20131014_2934

The photographs are courtesy of my TumbLr and Jessica Woods.

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