Stealing the Simple Chic of the French

Finally the cooler weather we all secretly love is blowing in with some regularity. Waking up this morning, I was unexpectedly greeted by a chill that went deep into my bones, freezing my exhaustedDSC_0369 soul to nothing but a shiver.

So keeping up with what’s actually going on in the fashion realm we’d all sell our very souls to be a part of, it’s time to start conquering some fall must-haves! Hopefully, those of you who are more fashion forward than your friends have already been out shopping for those crucial boots and sweaters that will keep your bod intact until the warmer months beckon it out of hibernation.

DSC_0357If your body doesn’t go into hibernation I actually can’t handle you, and would’ve preferred if you lied. I’m about to reveal deep secret information few are privy to; I’m actually already hibernating so don’t mind my sleepless rambling ūüėČ

Getting back on topic without losing too many of you, I hope, I’m tackling the “proper cut” of pants this season and how to start freshening up that sweater collection taking up multiple drawers.

Once again, music is my reason for coming back each and every day. It works if you work it, so work it you’re worth it, and all that other AA mumbo jumbo. Just play this incredibly addicting song by Sirah and get the good vibes flowing!! If you haven’t begun to notice that I put a song I’m actually obsessed with into the post… I’m worried for you. It’s Tuesday baby, and I’M ALIVE!!

Powering up via iced coffee and multiple espresso shots, I’m ready to take on the daunting task of the perfect pants and jeans for this season.

Think skinny. If the never-ending parade of men in skinnies has somehow missed you, I pray for you. Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 2.11.20 PMJump on the bandwagon and get with the comfort! It’s more than comfortable but the supposedly restricting cut actually shows off some assets that men forget they have! No, I’m not talking about the ass. Everyone has an ass, it’s not actually that big of deal (no offense).

The slim cut of jeans and pants are allowing those sweet boots to be seen and no longer be banished beneath the improperly named restricting “boot cut” jeans. Those pants are a lie and blow out at the bottoms like parachute pants; this isn’t the ’80s. It’s Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 2.12.07 PMtime to think TIGHTER! If you go to the gym regularly you’ve got the thighs and calves to pull these babies off, and if you don’t feel the need to spend hour after hour building muscle… you still will look nice in these pants.

Stop fighting it and go get a pair, maybe in a fresh fall color (i.e. the burnt orange pair I scored at H&M). Trust me, you won’t ever look back!

SWEATERS! SWEATERS! I apologize for that outburst, the espresso is certainly kicking in… or maybe it’s the IV of caffeine I’m sporting. Nevermind.

It’s finally time for sweaters, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! The trends for sweaters actually include all the favorites you have already purchased, but one word is worth mention: cashmere. Say it again to yourself… Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 2.16.04 PMcashmere. It’s all about this incredibly soft and amaze-tastic material (as if it wasn’t already all about cashmere). Yes, those thick cable knit sweaters are sick and deserve their day to shine, but for god’s sake buy a cashmere something.

I have to highlight that FALL COLORS need to be part of your wardrobe! These are darker, fall colors. Incorporate some dark green, burgundy, burnt orange, or some brown and be set for the season!

Now everyone’s reason for reading my ramblings:¬†Man of the Week!

Turning to the French for inspiration and a fan of fall layering in comfy sweaters, I’m lucky to have Michael Maurer as a perfect example.DSC_0425

Michael is a senior commercial photography major capable of taking gorgeous photographs while also posing for equally fantastic photographs. It’s a feat this man capable of “finding the light” (yes, America’s Next Top Model style) did with ease.

Stealing almost all of his fashion from the simplicity of the French, Michael is a picture of sleek built around a closetful of shoes.¬†A man with a shoe obsession is something to envy since he owns nearly 40 pairs, and¬†almost¬†puts my own collection to shame. It’s a draw in my mind.

The one item that appears regularly in his wardrobe is a pair of slick and basic-colored tennis shoes that ground his outfit in more ways than one. Aldo is a favorite store to score the perfect kicks, and with these stylish purchases, Michael is able to include more statement pieces (i.e. strong patterns).DSC_0317

A natural born observer with the capability to see the beauty in the details, Michael is an example of style discipline. Sporting a top-notch Instagram, Michael has found a social media outlet where his abilities can shine. Relying on a wardrobe of basics, simple is an accurate description. After studying in France twice, it’s easy to understand why his style would have been affected, and that wasn’t a toxic influence. If the French know one thing, it’s fashion. No argument here.

Having always stood out against others in the clothing department, Michael’s style hasn’t actually changed that much since high school. With a mother who dressed him well since the days he couldn’t put on his own pants, his style has only broadened from the days of being a fashionable tot. Winning “Best Dressed” as a senior superlative, it’s clear his style has always been on-point. I personally still can’t imagine having already figured out your sense of style at the tender age of 14.

DSC_0351Without a dude or bro phase in the fashion department, Michael saved himself from the mistake many of us made. Buying the majority of his clothing from euro-inspired H&M and sleek Express, he knew better.

Hoping to roam the streets of Chicago or Montreal while simultaneously spouting French, Michael foresees a future centered on photography. Whether employed by an advertising firm or a publication, his dual interest in fashion and still life have awakened multiple passions.

With no clear plan ahead of him, Michael is open to whatever the future brings. Hopefully there will be a shiny new job following graduation, but his easygoing demeanor and capability to laugh at himself makes that future seem much more accessible.

Once again the gorgeous photographs were snapped by Brooke Bunce, and the others were snagged from my TumbLr.DSC_0465

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