Ironic Return of Iconic Style

There’s something sort of sentimental about returning to styles from the days our parents attended school dances in their gym, listened to “Jessie’s Girl” and generally had the worst hair seen anywhere.Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 11.33.07 AM

We might be looking back at the decades past with a certain sense of nostalgia, but the trends that defined the ’70s and ’80s are creeping back into our closets. When we banish a trend, don’t expect it to stay there… they always come back.

The return of jean jackets, flannel shirts, leather boots, etc. ain’t nothing to be mad about! Just to clarify, something has officially returned once everyone and their mother is wearing it… Or when every single generic clothing store is trying to sell a form of it. (You know what I’m saying)

If I’m really going ironic, the song I’m throwin in the mix is going to clash hardcore with your jean jacket… Miley Cyrus is amaze-tastic and I’m all about spreading that love. SO listen to”23″ below and get reading!

The weather is starting to cool down and I can literally see the chill in the air, at least during the morning trek to class. This is the welcome sign of everything fall! I have the preferences of a sorority girl, so obviously I’m obnoxiously excited to start enjoying pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking, etc. But more important than my excitement is the fact that fall is actually the best season for fashion.


Why do you think there are Fall and Spring collections? Because the other seasons DON’T MATTER!

Walking around I’m sure you’ve noticed an increase in jean everything. Back in the day, circa 2005, it was impossible to wear a jean jacket without trying to make a statement or looking like a complete goon. (Jean on jean is a discussion for another day, but just don’t do it.)

With the return of jean and fashionable boots for dudes, it’s one giant Throwback Thursday to a Bruce Springsteen music video. It’s important to note that Mr. Springsteen is the “Man of the Week’s” personal style icon, so keep that in mind while we move forward.Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 11.36.08 AM

Going off the uptick in stylish men’s boots, I can’t possibly have been the ONLY ONE who hated the obsession with “work boots”?! No, Timberland’s are NOT meant for every person to be wearing. If you aren’t working on a car or hunting, take them off!

Instead, find a nice pair of oxblood (yes, this reddish brown hue is “in” right now) boots and call it a stylish day. No need to fool anyone into thinking you’re a farmer- it’s pretty clear you’re not from those saggy pants.

Anyway, today it’s completely relevant to grab that jean jacket on your way out the door without a second thought. Crisp, clean and comfortable, there’s no jacket more dependable (although some are warmer).Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 11.38.21 AM

The same can be said for the flannel. We’ve FINALLY reached that stage where flannel can be seen on nearly everyone, so we can all accept the awesome qualities of that plaid button-up standby. I own way too many myself, but once upon a time only hardcore laborers wore these shirts (see Gander Mountain for more details). Aren’t you thanking the fashion gods that we have this baby back from fashion Siberia? I certainly am.

Digging these iconic gems out of the attic has been anything but a mistake. It might be ironic that I’m praising old-school classics, since I at least see myself as a modern man, but there’s something supremely classy about it all.

I’m sure Andrew Poulsen, the “Man of the Week”, agrees with me.DSC_0183

Andrew is a senior journalism major with a summer in NYC under his belt and music on the brain. A past intern at Billboard and a member of The Ridges, a local band getting some serious traction recently (i.e. opening for bands in Cincinnati and Columbus AND performing at South by Southwest this past year), Andrew certainly has experienced some varying fashion statements.

Although The Ridges have a collective sense of style focused on class and neutrality, Andrew is an animal all his own.

DSC_0257Stepping out of the age old uniform of a fledgling hipster, Andrew came into his style once the need to stand out against his “country” counterparts was no longer necessary. Thank god high-school comes to an end.

The days of ironically ugly sweaters, thrifty duds, and entry-level hipster attire are long gone, and have left a self-proclaimed twenty-something artistic type, MacBook & moleskin included.

As a “master of small talk,” Andrew has the easy-going demeanor to talk your grandparent’s ear off. With the ability to purchase Gap clothing at full price as a fashion aspiration, it’s safe to say Andrew isn’t caught up in the realm of high fashion.DSC_0186

Calling denim his safety blanket, Andrew has incorporated a neutral array of clothing into his wardrobe creating a timeless style similar to that of his style icons Bruce Springsteen and Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend.

Plaid in every variation is a goal for the future, but until then Andrew will settle for solid contrast in his day to day. He knows to follow the “no jean on jean” rule, and instead classically matches his ever-present jacket with darker khaki pants.

DSC_0230We might be dubbed the “age of narcissism” but understated individuals like Andrew help bring the rest of us self-indulgent social media junkies out of our stupor. In a world chock full of people trying to define themselves, it’s comforting to know that some, Andrew included, have a clear sense of themselves. And I’m not just referring to his classic and clean sense of style.

Touring with The Ridges after graduation this spring, Andrew is living a life of creative passion whether that be in the form of writing or music. We all must stop and applaud someone who knows his passions. Oh, and he dresses well too. 😉

DSC_0280Photos by the beautiful and incomparable Brooke Bunce and my TumbLr.

Check back next week for even more Up Against the Trash!! You never know what could be coming up… stay trashy.

Twitter: @rees_uncensored, instagram: @reesuncensored


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