Experimentation with the Lack of Color

Fashion week may have moved from our side of the pond (New York) to the highly stylized capital of couture in Italy (Milan), but the trends are starting to take root.

Oh, and just because I’m random and think music completes everything, I will be adding a song to play while reading. Enjoy!

Some of the greatest upcoming trends are some oldies but goodies! If you’re trying to keep up with Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 8.08.47 PMmen’s fashion, it’s key to take note of the colors and patterns that are currently trending. It’s crucial to keep a keen eye on the cut or fit of the pants or even shirts.

Designers can get wacky but they DEFINITELY got a few things right! The bomber jacket is a must-have that isn’t disappearing any time soon. The color honestly doesn’t matter, just get one! This mixture of sleek and edge can spice up any fall outfit while adding the needed warmth. Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 9.47.54 PM

Other items to look for include the always-in-style leather jacket, plaid print blazers, and white suits. I know what you’re thinking… white suits, but TRUST me.

When approaching the upcoming fall and winter gather your thick fabrics! A suit jacket or blazer is the perfect addition to any outfit geared for crisper weather with the leaves falling and wind blowing. RECRUIT YOUR BASICS! I can’t emphasize the importance of having the grays, blues and black present in your closet. They ground EVERYTHING! Colder weather Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 9.48.07 PMcomes through and blazers, thick sweaters, jackets and cardigans are a necessity. Keep them stocked and ready for easy access.

Don’t jump for bold color, because if you’re shining too brightly the stains that accompany chillier temperatures will coming back to bite you! Fashion week was the perfect blend of dark colors with an emphasis on black, and sensible designs.

Now onto the exciting part, holy crap it’s the interview!

Today we meet Deven, a sophomore journalism major with an envious approach to experimenting… with new trends of

He had difficulty describing himself, as any decent person would (sorry, that was a dig at the self-obsessed). But when finally broken down, he saw himself as a perfect blend of introspective and extroverted.

photo (2)Always open to options, Deven knows that fashion is all about picking pieces that you like and morphing them into the style you see for yourself. Experimenting has been a part of his vocabulary since his adolescent days of polos and pressed khakis. Rebelling against his parents’ looser attitudes and clothing tendencies, Deven kept himself prepped out in the latest geek chic.

Currently going through a delayed grunge phase, special focus on the black element, Deven grounds himself with plenty of neutrals. Although, as a self-professed transcendentalist in the fashion arena, he isn’t afraid of different styles and emulating what he sees.

photo (8)Favorite trends of the moment:

  • The re-emergence of brown and adding this hue to any ensemble,
  • a gold chain worn over a white tee (think Jay-z or Miley-esque)

Enjoy the phenomenal photographs of Deven in true Up Against the Trash style!

Expect even more incredible nonsense next week when a new Man of the Week gets interviewed and the latest duds you all need to own get evaluated!

photo (14)

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P.S. The gallery of Deven’s shoot will be uploaded later today, so keep an eye out!


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