RE-invention of Style, Trends and I


Here we go again baby! It’s time to strap yourself in for another go around on the tilt-a-whirl that is my blogging tenure for Thread Magazine!!

I’ve been anxiously awaiting my chance to get back to what I love: vocalizing my obsession with clothing out of my price range, analyzing the style choices of others and parading my opinion around like nothing else is valid.

My sass is off the charts today, so you best grab on tight. I’m going to whip you around until you’re seeing the bright purple of my latest suspender purchase!

Selena Gomez has been understanding me lately. SO below is exactly how I feel right now, and how you should be feeling while reading Up Against the Trash REvamped: 

Now open your eyes and embrace the REvamped Up Against the Trash in all its gorgeous and awe-inducing glory.

This is going to be THE home for men looking to stay in touch with fashion trends (only the good ones, I promise), the personal style of some incredibly dressed and gorgeous men and women and an overview of the looks stepping out of my favorite publications (i.e. GQ, Nylon Guys, Esquire, etc.).

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 5.39.16 AMThis is a safe place for secret obsessions, online shopping binges and anything intriguing.

Here we are going to tackle the issues of the day: whether it’s too cold to still wear tanks, too gloomy to wear bold colors or the wrong year to wear grandpa sweaters. My apologies to the thrift-shopping loving people, because I’m with you… in spirit.

This time around I’m going to be presenting my own sense of style and fashion choices while simultaneously sharing my scintillating story.

Let playtime begin:

892318_10200916168008144_1581732418_oI spent last semester abroad in LONDON! And that six month stretch across the pond changed me, personally and style-wise. I hate to be cliche but that’s what happened 😉

Immersing yourself in European culture ultimately includes the clothing and the ahead-of-the-time trends. To say my time abroad turned me into another person would be a bold-faced lie, but I’ve undoubtedly become a better one.

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 5.39.59 AM

Some of my favorite trends right now, even though it’s starting to cool down are: suspenders of every color, low-cut tennis shoes, short shorts (the tighter the better) and obnoxiously colored or patterned shirts.

I can’t explain why but I love everything I just listed. Sometimes we become obsessed with our own clothing, I highly recommend it.

581037_10151480230174952_1776433623_nTo dig deeper into my background, I’m a junior at Ohio University majoring in magazine journalism with a specialization in Sociology and Psychology. I’m an avid reader of novels and magazines, enjoy coffee, yoga and soapy television FAR TOO MUCH, absorb pop music like nothing else matters and can be spotted bouncing around campus in between my gig as a Learning Community Leader and a full-fledged lover of life.

What else can I say? I love bright colors and everything being put in the right place. I might strive for perfection, but I freely admit I’ll never get there, except maybe in my clothing choices… sorry I’m VAPID.903780_10151764198107359_2054723102_o

My photography-inclined friends will be snapping some photos of me half-dressed leaning against a brick wall or something along those lines in the near future. Until then you’ll have to make due with some old shots.

Next Monday you can look forward to some magnificent shots of a well-dressed individual, insight into the best styles Fashion Week had to offer and getting ready for fall while still looking trendy.

Men- you best be ready, because I’m giving you my all. Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 5.39.31 AM

Make sure to follow this incredible blog to get automatic notifications when I post, and if you want to keep up with my life and whatnot follow me at:

twitter: @rees_uncensored or instagram: reesuncensored

P.S.- All photos are from my Tumblr, camera or stolen from friends’ Facebooks


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