Going British

Death of the Teen Years, American Visits and Other Extremes

I swear, one of these days I’m going to get more diligent about posting, but until then I will post whenever I damn well please 😉 Going off that declaration, I have returned to tell some tales of my wickedly delicious life over the past month or so…

I know I may come off a bit conceded (always talking about myself) but sometimes it is all about me! Expect no apology for that, it’s my time! Perhaps you will get your chance tomorrow… 😉 (Probably not.)

There’s an undoubted need to preface this entire entry by saying, IT IS GOING TO BE LONG! So grab a delicious cup of coffee and gear up for the read of your week!!DSCN0238

First, it must be stated that I am writing this as a full-fledged twenty-something! It is not quite as glamorous as I was led to expect, let me tell you!! I can already feel the quarter-life crisis coming on… More about that to come!! Most importantly, I have to spout about how my family was just in majestic London!! Yes, they flew the incredible distance to visit the gloomy city. I think they love me, but the jury’s still out on that one.

Despite the lack of sunshine (people were not kidding), there has been some pure insanity as of late (that shouldn’t be surprising). Oh by the way, my tally for sunny days has reached 5! Celebrate everyone (literally though)! Well, fine. I will celebrate enough for you, myself and your entire family!DSCN0204

Since my family arrived in the British homeland, my passionate affair with London has been reignited. This city STILL has me in awe, despite having lived here for months now. The hustle and bustle, the flurry of people, the  numerous restaurants, bars and clubs, how could this not lead to the steamiest of affairs? I might have fallen in love, but Athens will always have a piece of my heart. It’s not cheating if you’re in an open relationship (<- advice for EVERYONE)!!

Amongst the final assignments that had me in a solid funk, there has been plenty of time to play! In a city this wondrous, you can’t let some silly schoolwork keep you from the experience. I did after all come to London, not for the actual “study” bit, but the experience! Onto the fantastic adventures that have taken place in the last month… may the jealousy begin!

As some of you may be aware, my birthday was a few weeks ago… and it certainly was no disappointment. The best friends a guy could ask for surprised me with, wait for it…. a breakfast at midnight (since I’m unnaturally obsessed with anything meant to be eaten in the morning). Then the madness ensued, the birthday gods agreed, “There will be shopping on the 13th of March.” (I couldn’t disappoint them ;))102_1673

Following a phenomenal day of purchasing clothes only Brits would wear, the celebration followed!! Since my girl Katie’s birthday was the day before, we casually had a twin birthday and went all out. This club was extreme, and let’s be coy and say it was a successful night ;). Dancing on stages, snatching left behind drinks… only madness occurs when I’m around. It might be my irreconcilable need to be the center of attention, BUT who knows 🙂102_1886

St. Paddy’s was a WEEKEND for the books… never have I felt the need to be Irish so desperately! Honestly, I never truly celebrated the rise of the leprechaun. (Now I realize that in no way was I prepared for that utter nonsense.) I went out with glitter in my hair, paint and stickers all over my face and body, and half a bottle of vodka in my stomach; this was a recipe for a wicked night of hookups on and off the dance floor (I seem to have a thing for public bathrooms, sue me). The following evening I may have saved an unconscious girl from possible assault, yes, that happens across the pond as well. Mix in some karaoke and the cheapest drinks in the land… my Jessie J shirt and I were having far too good a time!!102_1919

Sunday the escapades reached an entire level of Irish drunkenness… starting at midday in pubs might have been the greatest idea EVER!! Flirting your way to discounts on the illustrious Irish Car Bomb and shots galore is an accomplishment to brag about. Somehow, most of my drinks were paid for by some true Irishmen (passports and all). Would they have continued buying me these if they had known I had vomited in a urinal at the pub? Probably not. Good thing I know how to rally ;). Shout out to my fellow BOBCATS!

Beware I will be jumping forward a couple weeks. This is not to belittle the incredible clubs, restaurants and people I met during this time. Nor does it lessen the fun had with my incomparable friends, the scandalous hookups, the outrageous nights never to be forgotten (fight club HAPPENED!), and the realization that I might be a floozy. That’s a secret between us though… 😉

DSCN0158SO moving forward, my family visited!! Woo!! WEE!! YAY! And all that hoopla, but really though. I finally was able to do some of the sightseeing I had been missing out on, and had the absolute best 10 days of my life! Having them here was the greatest, but I must say that they do NOT enjoy the city like I do! They were ready to get away from the crowded streets, hefty price tags and unhelpful service people.

I, on the other hand, can’t imagine returning to the States. Forgive me for saying that, but this place has changed me “for good”. I may have just quoted Wicked, which may have been the highlight of their visit, who knows :). If you haven’t seen it, get there!!Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 2.09.54 PM

Unfortunately, I have decided to stop there and call it a wrap. (camera crew is now leaving…)

I have to stop waiting so long to post about my nuttiness, because I have far too much to share and you all shouldn’t have to read an essay. This isn’t college or anything of merit ;). Promise you still love me, despite my life being a constant soap opera!! More shall be coming soon… hopefully 😉

Just a heads up, the infamous Eurotrip will begin on Wednesday!! The travelling will begin in Venice, continue to Rome, then land on the beaches of Ibiza and end in the student paradise of Amsterdam! I can’t lie, I am mentally unprepared for the amount of excitement coursing through me! I can hardly concentrate on anything other than the wild trips that await me. Wish me luck! Even though we all know I don’t need it 😉

To stay up to date follow me on twitter or find my tumblr link hidden on this page. May your upcoming weeks be as eventful as mine. Cheers!! xxDSCN0231


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