Paris, Thoughts on European Destinations

Paris, the City of Light & Love. Or is it?

Another month has passed with resounding silence from my keyboard and this blog, alike. You may ask have I been swept off my feet, or has the European lifestyle becoming too much for me to cope with?

Those who know me personally, would be aware that the answer to both of the aforementioned questions would be an unwavering “NO”. For a hopeless romantic, I am extremely closed off to the idea EVEN after traveling to grand ole’ Paree. Now we’ve arrived at our destination… 102_1564

It seems like just the other day I arrived in London, but after two months of staying put I ventured out of the United Kingdom. Into the beautiful country of France I stumbled in hopes of experiencing the magic of Paris, whatever that meant.

102_1254We all grew up listening to the romantic tributes to the city of light and love, and watching films on a constant loop recounting the astounding sights of this historical and romantic city. Now, picture Paris!! I classically think of  Sex and the City and Carrie Bradshaw flouncing around Paris. But, I mean there are other options… (I definitely said film, damn I’m becoming European!!)

With incredibly high expectations built up by continued allusions and illusions to this majestic place, how could I not be slightly disappointed?

If you’re following my train of thought, I bet you’re aware that this will NOT be an ode to the city of love. If anyone was going to have a negative perspective on Paris, I truly thought it would not be me. I blame Carrie!!

Now don’t get it twisted! I’m not saying that it wasn’t one of THE most incredible places I’ve ever laid my eyes upon, but with astronomically large expectations I set myself up for failure.

The bitter cold was the major factor in negating the love I hold for Paris. The entire weekend it either snowed or had a wind chill that rivaled the northern U.S. I honest to God wasn’t expecting that… 102_1414

I went about trying to fit in as much sight seeing as possible; this included but was NOT limited to The Palace of Versailles which has to be the most awe-inspiring place in the world! Although, to get the full effect, you have to be able to scour the gardens and believe me ,we tried (my double scarf wrap didn’t keep my hands from freezing and my toes from going numb)!!

Except the amazing French cuisine was such a high! Everything was sick nasty (insert positive adjective, sick nasty is my own special description)! 102_1478From the wines to the classic meat and cheese platter; everything was exotic to my mainstream taste buds. I figured if I’m in Paris, I should be trying all their specialty nonsense. Add on top of that a couple croissants and baguettes a day, I was eating for a family of 15. You think I’m joking, and you would be mistaken. The gym has my name written on it for the rest of my Eurotrip (but seriously).


The largest disappointment was hands down the Eiffel Tower. No, not the Tower itself, but the fact that I had pre-ordered tickets to go straight to the top and wasn’t able to!! The weather literally closed down the Eiffel Tower!! Then they’re telling me, “No one’s going up due to weather. Go over there for a refund.” The tears were ready to pour after that. I mean is this for real?! I was done with Paris after that.

102_1345I do have to say that none of the bullshit belittled the fact that I was in Paris! Plus I was able to celebrate my beautiful Boom’s (Emily’s) birthday with her. An amazing trip to say the least, but I will DEFINITELY be returning before I leave the blessed continent. Spring in Paris is my destiny. ❤

I WILL GET TO THE TOP OF THE EIFFEL TOWER!! NO ONE IS GOING TO STOP ME!! (Forgive my caps lock use, but it was necessary)

Ok, that’s enough of my impressions of Paris! Here is the weird shit that happened while I was there:

  • A hobo nearly assaulted Emily at the Sacre Coeur. 102_1490
  • Taking candles from Notre Dame.
  • Thinking another church was Notre Dame and crossing bridges left and right.
  • Screaming “Carrie Bradshaw” at every single pidgeon in my way!
  • Buying cheetah earmuffs.
  • The serious and nasty sex talk that seems to always occur wherever I go.
  • Making fun of the most boring family ever, while they were two inches to my right.
  • Singing Marilyn Monroe’s rendition of Happy Birthday… and Emily having no idea why I said “Mr. President”.
  • Missing our return train to London because immigration didn’t want us back, that was a blast. :/ 102_1529

Another scintillating post about my time in London will be coming soon… I am a spectacle. Although, I’m sure you already knew that 😉


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