Going British

London Invasion

Well I have landed!! Oh wait… shit I’ve been here for almost TWO WEEKS (well that’s unfortunate)! The time is already flying by and I’ve only just begun my adventure  across the pond. Pray for me please. I have so much to do 😉 102_0048

Anyways, I’m back from my blogging hiatus and in a whole new country to put it mildly! Please explain why I have these hiatuses? No answer… (well that was fun).

For all of you that are trying to hide your jealousy, don’t even. Just embrace it and live vicariously through me and my extensive photo collections which will soon take up residence on every social media site imaginable! Sorry (in an accent ;))… but I’m actually not. Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 7.58.57 PM

Story time:

Once I met a British man on the streets of Athens, and he told me that British people never say the word literally. Suffice to say HE IS A LIAR! It pops out of their mouths every other sentence (I’m still salty)!

^That was random, but I don’t really care. Take me as I am! (Please? ;))

Now you may wonder what the HELL am I doing in London, well studying(criminology, culture, British fashion (which is INCREDIBLE to say the least), sociology, an international partying lifestyle, sex, British accents, theatre, etc.)


This place is absolutely incredible! Every morning is a bright and shiny new adventure. Not to cheese this up too strongly, but I walk outside my flat (that’s right I live in a flat!) and am still in amazement I’m actually here!

Like, wait I’m not in Athens? (this happens too often)

HOLD UP (screw the sentimental fluff)…. let’s move onto the juicy and scintillating parts: the clothes and the nightlife I’m enjoying

The British Obsession (fashion):

  1. Everyone here looks as if they stepped off the pages of a Vogue or GQ, no exaggeration either. Or maybe I’ve just spending my time in all the right places.
  2. Never use the word sweater, it is actually a jumper.
  3. The fashion sense here is IMPECCABLE, and don’t even get me started on the kicks (dictionary: shoes)! Unique is a word thrown around by too many individuals in all honesty, but here it suits everyone; they all have a style that’s completely their own.
  4. I now recognize that I dress like a British man (no Mean Girls references intended), and I’m damn proud of myself. Handle me!
  5. Everyone watch Made in Chelsea (best f*cking series ever made); the Brits literally do it better. Thank me later 🙂 102_0170

 DRUM ROLL (nightlife):

May the antics of yours truly be shared (this really helps me understand everything I’ve been up to, so don’t think I’m an attention wh*re):

  • There was the Camden Pub Crawl (reppin’ the wasted Wednesday wherever I go) where many drinks were sloshed. I found a pole, my shirt became more unnecessary as the night progressed at Proud Nightclub in Camden… you know how that goes…  Insanity is the only word to describe that evening out.
  • The hangovers have been far too real, if I’m being 100% honest! Laid up ALL day… 😦 102_0214
  • We have been making the rounds at different pubs, ALWAYS ordering Snakebites! This drink is as venomous as its name: cider & ale mixed. You have no idea how strong it is until just one pint has the room beginning its alcoholic twirl.
  • Last Friday night… well I’m having difficulty processing/remembering that nonsense. Everyone was in onesies… (awkward because I wasn’t). The pre-game was much too hard BUT in London WE PLAY GAMES!! Sooo many drinking games, slightly obsessed with every single one! Don’t worry I’ll bring them home with me 🙂 Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 8.00.28 PM
  • The Grand Nightclub on Monday has to be the most epic night out thus far (that I remember..). I got yelled at for coming out of a girl’s stall (that happened) owned the stage the entire night, told a couple of people “maybe tomorrow night”. What is wrong with me (don’t answer that)? 102_0331

There’s so much more to spill right now, but I’m thinking that should be it for now. I want to keep you kids thirsty for next time! I won’t wait so long to share again and will elaborate further on some of my recent happenings…. 😉

I really just wanted to give you a taste of EVERYTHING since I arrived, but I’m realizing that is impossible.


Photos: my camera, stolen from other people, my Tumblr, etc.

To stay up to date always be Up Against the Trash, and follow me on twitter @rees_uncensored

Days in London: 15


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