Fashion, REvamped

Eclectic and Grungy Elegance

First off I must apologize that my scattered brain, procrastination, flaky disposition, and obsession with my bed got the best of me. The non-existent post from last week is totally my fault, but just forgive me. Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days (for real though).

But I promise I’m still livin’ and lovin’ as you should be too!

Please turn on Lily Allen’s sassy tirade against stereotypes and twerking immediately:

As can be expected at the end of a semester, my neurotic tendencies have reached a new peak. The only person who talks to herself more than I do, especially when writing paper after paper, is my personal hero Carrie Bradshaw. No, I won’t ever stop name-dropping good ‘ole SJP; she’s an idol to us mere mortals.

Yes I am blabbering, I admit it! So to derail that train, Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 6.57.32 PMI’m ready to divulge some fashion blather. As one could’ve guessed from the gorgeous picture above, women’s fashion is on the menu. So once again, ladies, this one is for you.

After perusing the latest issue of Vogue, I’ve learned one thing: fashion is eclectic and open to interpretation. That might not be news to any of those familiar with the glossy publications that steal my attention, but I feel the need to state it.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 6.59.42 PMIn the cold months it’s about bundling up, but hiding the real goods beneath the layers. Even in these desperately chilly times, one can wear an amazing high-lo skirt, backless dress, or sky-high stilettos. The one rule is to hide it beneath a gorgeous jacket paired with a thick scarf and glove set.

Once again it’s all about the patterns and prints hidden beneath the red pea coat or charcoal trench. Aided by some thicker leggings and you have a casual outfit ready for shenanigans regardless of the temperature. That will serve as my quick advice to not allow the chill to keep the fun out of your get up.Gretchen_11

In true eclectic fashion, our Woman of the Week always has some fun in her get-up. She has some clothing to rival the most extensive wardrobes.

I’m going to let her beautiful array of styling options finish telling her story…Gretchen_7

I humbly present the enthralling Gretchen Greenlee, a senior majoring in Organizational Communication with a specialization in fashion retail.

Given the freedom to dress herself at a tender young age, this woman has grown into a sense of style that encompasses many arenas. Describing herself as walking flower vomit or a goth princess, I personally can attest to her dabbling with black lipstick and drawn on unibrows. Never afraid to try the less obvious choice, Gretchen has a personal style with influences to spare.

Gretchen_10Leaving the “weird” behind in the days of algebra homework and teenage angst, she has rocketed into an atmosphere of grungy elegance. With a self-described “all over the place” fashion sense, Gretchen is the same wild child as the tot rocking her jean dress and an uber-trendy pair of red rubber boots. Isn’t it weird that I always choose grunge-inspired people? Do I like that? Rhetorical question, no answer necessary.

With a mother enabling her most bizarre outfit choices, no one icon or fashion genre quite fits Gretchen’s open attitude in reference to trends. Aliens, outer space, and quippy phrases are commonly seen on this woman who has switched her hair approximately 3 times in the past couple months. Style is evolution and Gretchen13transition, and I think Gretchen understands that.

A quirky comedienne, this Snapchat lover is detail-oriented, motivated, and sillier than you could imagine. I seriously can’t handle the Snapchats coming from this intuitive spirit. In charge of Thread Magazine‘s coven of stylists, this fierce leader is a force of knowledge and creativity.

Crushing hard on a pair of platform sneakers covered in aliens, Gretchen’s fearless style presents a deep confidence to envy. Thanks in part to Cara Delevingne’s thick caterpillars, one of this woman’s favorite trends is the thick brow. Not only does it guarantee the sass Gretchen utilizes daily, but it also adds character. The recent obsession with dark lips is another of her favorite trends of the season.Gretchen_4

A go getter in every sense, Gretchen foresees herself in a creatively fulfilling place in the future. Vague as it may be, isn’t fulfillment the craving we all attempt to sate or satisfy? Frequently cruising Nastygal and Topshop, she is always on the prowl for some fun and unique pieces to blow the general public away with.

This down-to-earth goth princess recommends black for the questioning mind, but indulges in every color and design under the rainbow. Without a doubt one of the friendliest and most stylish ladies to walk the sidewalks of Athens, Gretchen is a gem that understands the importance of staying true to yourself despite the aliens on your top.

I guarantee that I didn’t do this fabulous creature justice with my spiel of style and stuff, but hopefully she forgives me 😉

A giant, beautiful thank you to the talented Kelli Oliver for taking the PICTURES!! Check that girl out!! Legitimate talent is dripping from her camera lens 🙂 Gretchen_8

For another radically intriguing post narrated by the sassy and dim-witted wording of yours truly, please keep coming back!

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Until next time, all you babes behave 😉 I know I will!


Basic and Risky Eccentricity

To start our day off with an over-dramatic and attention seeking thought… I would like all of you out there to understand I was on death’s door yesterday. Got your attention didn’t I?!

Before I commence story time, turn this on:

Now, like I said beforehand, I’m being overdramatic. Allow me to clarify that once again for the cheap seats.

Anyhow, yesterday I spent the ENTIRE day cemented to my bed praying for it all to end. My coughing had reached an incessant extreme, the Dayquil had decided it had better things to do than repair my lungs and my head felt too heavy to remain atop my neck. Suffice to say sweatpants (which I hate) were on my legs and the O.C. was blaring from my television. Is there any other method of recovery worth mentioning?


Well as per usual I contracted some heinous disease that wanted to eat me alive, but I wouldn’t let it! So Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 2.50.02 PMhere we all are ready for the fashion nonsense that keeps us young and looking forward to tomorrow.

Oh, and I definitely scored a brand new Man of the Week, because after all- I did promise.

To get the ball out of the gutter, I’m going to take a leaf out of our Man of the Week’s book with trends and style. I did select him for a reason…

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 2.50.35 PMNow, we’ve never discussed the good things in life, tattoos and hair. I must include a disclaimer right here, right now: Not all of us are born with good hair. Believe me, I didn’t fall in this category but some did.

Hair is crucial to a well-dressed male, simple as that. The disheveled, fresh-out-of-bed look does work for some, but others need to wash their hair or else suffer the greasy consequences. And by grease, I refer to that slick shine that is au natural and plain nasty.

In terms of the hairstyles creating waves over the shore of men’s fashion, we have the euro cut and the pomp. For those without eyeballs, or unfamiliar with the names I used, the pomp is closely shaved sides with lengthy hair on top combed backward to create a pomp in the front. This style is reserved for those who can grow their thick hair to a certain length. I’d be the first to admit that this style will never be kosher with my hair (win some, lose some).Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 2.49.26 PM

For those in need of a pop culture reference, Macklemore enjoys this hairstyle as does actor Michael Pitt.

The euro cut  is extremely similar and more friendly to those with thinner hair, especially when volume boosting shampoo just doesn’t cut it. It too involves closely shaved sides but allows the top to be loosely interpreted. It can be long or short, messy or more controlled. The front is normally brushed to one side to allow a side part of some sort. There is something extremely sophisticated about a side part, yes?

Hair is fun and all but if we want to get into the real fun, let’s look at TATTOOS!! AHHH!! My favorite, because there is honestly nothing hotter than tattoos (sorry for my outburst, but come on)!Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 2.51.20 PM

Tattoos over time have become more mainstream and acceptable, although hand tattoos in the workplace are still deemed unacceptable. These babies are THE mode of self-expression and will always be fashionable as long as you don’t bear a literal cross. I’m sorry if you’re religious, but a full back tattoo of a cross is the worst idea in the world, also animals are silly. Do NOT get a unicorn on your ass, please!

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 2.50.14 PMI’m all for a few strategically placed tats to liven up your skin. I for one am in desperate need of one, but have yet to find deep meaning in anything, let alone a tattoo!! So please, for the love of god, think about your tattoo for a good long while before inking it upon your skin. Skin is forever as they say, and removal is a pricey option that should be avoided like the plague. Also, stay away from names being inked, you might be in love right now, but tomorrow might be a different story….

So leading into our Man of the Week, tattoos and hair will seem apt trends to discuss since he has both. Obviously hair is ubiquitous, but his is of the trendy variety! Plus note the black eye, now that’s a dude right there…._DSC0633

Adam Senecal is a senior Retail and Fashion Product Development major with aspirations of operating his own clothing based business along the West Coast. A non-conformist rule breaker, Adam needs wide open spaces to make his own decisions and mistakes.

_DSC0516A lover of skinny jeans since their debut into men’s fashion, Adam is an avid follower of fashion found in the Associated Press. He leans toward the hipster apparel but has some bold clothing that eliminates the need for endless flannels and smelly thrift shop purchases.

A participant in No Shave November, facial hair may be the only main difference between Adam’s high school appearance and the guy that sits in front of me. Taking pride in the beard he is currently growing, Adam is a pop culture addict; never have I met a man as interested in trends as I am. That’s a huge compliment, just so you know.

Describing his style as the sweet spot between risk and conservative, his clothing presents a sophistication and level of control. And the shoes this man has are purely amazing. This eccentric and easy going man has transformed from the emo kid with snakebites to a full-fledged man dressed in stylish pieces few on campus could duplicate.

_DSC0539Always focused on the next big thing to pop up in the music realm, Adam takes many cues from bands including his style icons Kings of Leon, Leo Dicaprio, and David Beckham. If he could afford to wear custom-fitted suits every day there would be no question of his wardrobe.

Currently working on a business plan nearing completion for a company named Honesty Apparel, Adam is looking toward the future trying to make a place for himself. Looking at texture more so than design in tees, Adam is a casual comedian nearing the end of college._DSC0550

The future remains a coin toss away, but the optimism Adam uses is infectious. When he gets a company off the ground, there’s no doubt I would be a frequent shopper.  I honestly can’t wait to see what happens._DSC0535

That’s all for today folks. Look forward to next week and a whole new opportunity to change your life!! I’ll be over here obsessively staring at magazines.

Thank you to Jess Woods who took the gorgeous pictures above, and is hands-down one of the greatest photographers I’ve had the opportunity to work with. And thanks to Adam Senecal for allowing me to exploit his life… it’s all in the name of fashion, I swear.

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Halloween, The Hangover of Fall

In my honest and always blunt opinion, this will be the briefest post I will ever write. Some of you might be sighing in relief… Since I tend to write long-winded nonsense.

I like to be straight up whenever possible, so in an effort to share my life with you, I need to SHARE my life!!

My mind, body and soul are hungover. I’m officially on a mental retreat of oversleeping and overthinking.

Damn, that’s heavy. It all started on Friday, the beginning of the end…

Cue the music that we all desperately need:

The entire weekend was a verified mess and a half, and I was amongst the messiest-dressed in booty shorts and long ears.

Ohio University’s HallOUween destroyed my soul, I think. Waking up to a trashed apartment and eyeliner still ringing my eyes, I realized I would need a soul iPhoto Oct 29, 5 17 35 PMntervention.

I classily dressed myself as a sex-ified Bassett hound. Don’t laugh, I looked really good!! I swear, I got compliments 😉

Remember, Halloween truly is the one time a year when girls and boys can dress like complete sluts, and no one can say anything (thanks Mean Girls, you’re the greatest).

Anyways that night is one of urban legend (as in do NOT repeat)… Dancing on chairs, seducing people already taken and casually misbehaving with the best. It Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 4.43.58 PMwas only fair that I spill on my costume and rip patches off in a frenzy to get out of my skimpy outfit.

In response to my lack of sense, I’ve been sleeping my days away, cleansing what stands in for my soul with Sex and the City marathons (I’m a Carrie, if you couldn’t tell from my neurotic banter), and binge eating. Oh wait, I have gone to the gym… (I lie sometimes).

Oh and if my brain wasn’t aching enough, my wallet is also throbbing… My car got towed and my Mac battery has thrown in the towel. Told you it’s been a rough week, Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 4.45.45 PMand yes it’s only Tuesday. But I’m feeling optimistic, something’s gotta give!!

So in an attempt to bring this back to what’s important, fashion. I’m going to throw a few trends at your head and call it a day 😉

First let’s approach the blue and brown trend! Have you heard about this?! If not get the hell on it! If you weren’t already aware, brown and blue complement each other to a whole other level. This is completely different from black and blue which should be avoided (unless you’re going modern and striped).

I might be referring to an incredible brown pair of boots with blue jeans or a sheerScreen shot 2013-10-29 at 4.06.40 PM lightly-striped blue suit paired with an incredible pair of dark brown wingtips. You can be the judge but one can never go wrong with this combo. I am honest to god wearing it right now, am I fashionable or what?! That was a joke, because the answer is yes. Obviously.

One more thing that has caught my wallet’s attention are vests. No, not your grandfather’s argyle sweater-vest but the plush and fluffy sheer vests. Let’s not forget about the quilted babies that work over any form of shirt or even a jacket. It’s the perfect way to add a little spice to a boring get-up. Think chai being added to a latte. Obviously we all love that!!

A vest can be added for a bold pop of color, or some insulation against the chill that wants to freeze us all to death. It can also serve as step before the dreaded ski jacket makes an appearance. It has no business off the slopes.Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 4.11.33 PM

These super stylish vests can even be matched with sweatpants, although I don’t agree with sweatpants. I apologize, but it’s a deep seated dislike that took hold after I wore wind-pants every day for a year… when I was 8. Those ratchet things can stay away from me, but I’m sure you look great in them!! <- SarcasmScreen shot 2013-10-29 at 4.05.10 PM

Once again I apologize for the absence of an interview and photo shoot. I can’t say it enough, but this weekend kicked, flipped and handled me. I was wholly unprepared and am still in the mental infirmary. BUT I promise, cross my heart hope to die, that a Man of the Week is coming down the chute.

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Bold Statements of Confidence

This past Saturday afternoon I experienced what could only be called elation, joy or overwhelming happiness. No, I’m actually not being overdramatic right now. I know what true happiness is… Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 1.17.56 AM

The answer to that paradigm was coming home, slightly hungover, ready to devour a chair, hoping to sleep the day away and finding the November issues of Vogue and GQ in your mailbox!! Yes that’s right!! THEY’RE HERE!!

Now I must admit up front that I did in fact dig into the Vogue first. Don’t get judgmental just yet, I had my reasons.

The main one: KATE (frickin’) WINSLET (on the cover)! Sorry Fassbender, Kate has held my heart hostage since Titanic, Little Children, The Reader (well I guess every Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 1.31.02 AMsingle one of her films…), so I HAD to read the piece on her.

Then I got caught up in the glitz, glamour and absolutely gorgeous black hole that is Vogue. I was sucked in, and had to browse my way through each and every page. I refuse to apologize for absolutely anything. The greatest part of being an adult is scoring magazine subscriptions and knowing that pure joy, wrapped in plastic, is on its way to your doorstep. 😉

So after my lengthy tangent about the magazines that hopefully will employ me one day (yes, those ARE high aspirations. What of it?), I’m getting to the damn meat and potatoes of what we’re all gathered here for… the knowledge I absorbed from my foray into beauty and Conde Nast.

In the name of beauty my song of the week belongs to Lady Gaga and her deliciously fresh single “Do What You Want”! Don’t mind the amazing shot of her butt as the single’s cover art. Forgive me, I just admire her so 🙂

First off get extremely excited for another Woman of the Week and a trip into the trends that are coming your way momentarily! Fall is by far the best season, and you’ll know why soon enough 😉

I honestly keep Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 1.35.34 AMpraying for the nice crisp fall weather that should accompany October, but lately my prayers are not being answered! We are dealing with some seriously bipolar nonsense. There’s no harder place to be than caught between a tank and a leather jacket. But seriously.

In hoping to move Mother Nature’s ass along, I’m actually digging into fall, hard.

Black is absolutely the new black. This babe is back with a Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 1.27.12 AMfighting fury, not that she ever left. It’s just that now everyone is gripping onto her. She’s the one we all want when the pavement freezes and the leaves drop. We want her and we want her now.

Saint Laurent, DKNY even Chanel are bringing the black out in fall force. Even though winter is known for the bleaker of colors, black is THE standard. If you’re going black, throw in a statement piece. I know I keep coming back to the statement pieces, but our new Woman of the Week opened my eyes to the possibility of jackets being your statement!

With statement pieces it’s inevitable that scarves come to play! I’ve been walking the streets right alongside you and I’ve taken notice. Printed scarves are ALL the way in, and color blocked is a thing! The jackets and scarves are exactly where it’s at. Think NYC style paired with the perfect scarf and you might be looking at our gorgeous Woman of the Week.

I’m pleased to introduce one of the most bold and confident women I’ve had the pleasure to meet.dempsey_004

Dempsey Murphy is a junior majoring in Visual Communications focused on info-graphics and publication design. This online shopping addict has been purchasing her way through ASOS while simultaneously amazing all who meet her with bold and uninhibited confidence.

dempsey_001I’m referring to both her personality and fashion sense. A lover of fall, since black and leather are always present in her wardrobe, Dempsey is the definition of New York state of mind. Easily joking while casually striking poses, this queen is in charge of her style and self.

After experiencing the inner-workings of a record label through her boyfriend’s summer internship, she now has her eye set on designing album covers. Though initially interested in branding everyday products through advertisement, Dempsey compared the art of album cover design to finding the perfect combo and representation of an artist. Using Lil’ Wayne’s hollowed red butterfly cover of “I Am Not a Human Being II” as an example, she realized the capacity of a cover to convey a certain message.dempsey_014

With black and deeply hued pieces, Dempsey would certainly be a good fit for the mean streets of New York, specifically the neighborhood of Chelsea. Her desire to inspire with design illuminates another side of Dempsey and perhaps defines her love for statement pieces and bold fashion choices.

The core difference between her teen years and now is simply her openness to new trends, styles and most importantly stores. When she told me the best pieces are not always the most expensive, my eyes teared up. This girl knows what she’s talking about.

A hoarder of cardigans may be an understatement, but these aren’t just your everyday cardigan. I had the dempsey_006privilege to wear a tribal print one and let me tell you… comfortable! All I’m saying.

Depending on combat boots throughout the Fall and Winter, Dempsey tends to make her statements with graphics, prints and eye-catching patterns. Tops are generally her statement. Given a fat wallet, Chanel would populate her closet at all times. Styled in a simple yet bold fashion, Dempsey’s confidence makes her clothing selections worth admiring.

Praising Rachel Zoe and Kim K as her style icons, Dempsey admires obviously the supreme style each has, but it’s more than that. These women represent successful and stylish individuals with an aura of status and esteem.

If you haven’t met Dempsey yet, I am positive you will!! This woman about town knows more people than I could ever hope to. With a killer sense of humor, joking manner and ability to charm the crap out of everyone, I hope you meet her! I can’t wait to go out with this babe again- never a dull moment when hanging with Dempsey.

Now please admire these disgustingly beautiful pictures snapped by Steven Drakulich!! Oh and my usual TumbLr nonsense is ever present….dempsey_009

For more trash, trends and style profiles check back in every Tuesday for the inspiration to be the best dressed babe you can be! I gotta go devour my new GQ now… onto the next obsession.

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Untamed Contradiction of Structure


No seriously, everything. Well actually not really. I’m being extremely overdramatic because sometimes you gotta. Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 9.17.15 AM

I’m just rescinding my previous statements about the weather getting chillier, since my wardrobe still hasn’t made the transition from carefree summer duds to the simpler more sophisticated style of fall. As per usual, Ohio has decided that fall might not be real. We are stuck in this tumble dry cycle of crisp mornings followed by sweltering afternoons.

Although the fashion elite never stop bringing their “A” game, so I’m taking you back to school on incorporating a few final warm trends.

Oh… one exception: THIS ONE IS FOR THE LADIES!!

Now turn on this song and FINALLY experience what happens when the ladies take over town.

Now I’m really going to have some fun, so carefully follow along, because contrary to what you may think… women’s fashion isn’t totally foreign to me. Did you like that joke? You know, since I went to London and flew my little self around Europe… ok, clearly you didn’t wake up and smell the espresso beans!!Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 10.51.46 AM

Two words. Crop. Top. 

To some this may seem a weird concept but for the love of all things fashionably forward YOU NEED TO HAVE ONE! I understand that some don’t have the confidence to rock this smaller than small top, but do it! The crop top was THE statement piece of the spring and summer.

But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to wear it. I recommend the leather crop top since that baby is a bit warmer, and if paired with bright leggings or fall-toned skinnies can make the perfect impression.

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 9.33.00 AMApproaching the subject of bright leggings, we’re going to slow up a bit. Not due to apprehension, but simply because many chicks don’t know how to pick the ones best suited for them. Every pair of leggings isn’t the best choice. Think wild, but also “what would I wear these with?”

I understand (more than most) the concept of power clashing, but ladies, sometimes it’s a bit too much! I’m digging prints on the leggings or a great pattern (i.e. tribal, tropical, animal, etc.). Find the ones that compliment you and your style, not establish it. Do you catch my drift? Smell what I’m smoking?Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 9.18.02 AM

Oh and for those of us who lived vicariously through the escapades of the Upper West Side when Gossip Girl reigned on television, in the words of Blair Waldorf, “tights are not pants. Honestly.” DON’T WEAR TIGHTS AS PANTS! Tights are thinner and not suitable to hide your private parts from the prying public… put on leggings! Or the very stylish cropped leggings, whatever you may be feeling…

And I can’t say this enough!! COVER YOUR BASICS! This includes ladies too. Get those basic colors purchased to ground an outfit from floating into the galaxy where it rightfully belongs. Black and white NEED to be in your closet, no excuses!Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 9.35.24 AM

Speaking to Up Against the Trash’s FIRST (Wo)man of the Week, I discovered that one of the most important trends of the last couple years hasn’t been analyzed! I am a psychiatrist of style, so clearly we must assess it right away.

Monochromatic is a MUST. There is something completely crisp about the perfect pairing of black and white. Sometimes an outfit can be based solely in black and white, THEN include a bright shoe selection or accessory. Monochromatic style is should always have a place in your arsenal, male or female.

In true Gossip Girl fashion, I’m sending out a blast on the FIRST (Wo)man of the Week! Here she is folks, let’s hope she can handle the attention 😉20131014_3038

Meghan Shamblen is a junior majoring in commercial photography with a sense of style sending waves of envy over all in her path. There is definitely something about photography majors that develops their style, because I must say hers is on point!

A walking contradiction, her style hits manic highs and lows. Her self-proclaimed bi-polar reaction to people and fashion presents a contradiction worth consideration. Whether in your face or serious, Meghan is completely in control of the ebbs and flows.

20131014_3061Aspiring to photograph, perhaps in a fashion focused setting, she can note that the places she has called home offer little toward personal and style growth. Although returning to Europe isn’t entirely off the table 😉

Having developed a defined personal style in high school, there’s been nowhere to go but up! Complimented for clothing bought at Good Will, the joke is really on those who buy the same at Urban. She simply aimed to not wear what every other Joe and Jane was sporting, and Meghan definitely pulled that off!  She’s another thrift shopper capable of spotting must-buys while I stand in between the aisles lost and bewildered. That skill is one I WANT!

Bearing the heavy load of owning too much clothing that demands to be hand-washed, she feels the struggle of purchasing fashion. It does, after all, come with more than one price. Obsessed with everything Alexander McQueen, the fashion pouring out of his design house would wind up in her dressers if only cost wasn’t a thing.20131014_3013

Fluctuating between monochromatic, grunge, structured-girly and wild patterns, Meghan’s style is fluid in the best sense. Praising her study abroad experience in London with inspiring a larger interest in fashion, Meghan describes her personal style as tomboy chic, or more aptly man-repeller.

Whether confused by the absurdity of her wolf tee or Union Jack Doc Martens, her clothing just works! 20131014_3030Admitting that fall colors (i.e. olive green, burnt orange, oxblood) are MIA from her closet, she understands the fluidity of spring and fall fashion. In contrast to the pastels of the beginning months, the deeper and richer hues of Fall could be worn at any point.

This contradiction of wild swirled into structure might just end up shooting for Nylon or Vogue while trolling the streets of NYC, simultaneously confusing and attracting the men walking back. Only one thing is certain, the confidence, strut and style will be all her own.

Get trashy EVERY Tuesday when I post the latest in trends, photos and intriguing interviews! Keep coming back baby!20131014_2934

The photographs are courtesy of my TumbLr and Jessica Woods.

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